Our Programs
The programs offered at Golden Ears Preschool are all designed for children 3-4 years of age.  These programs explore a variety of areas including art, music and movement, science and nature, language and literature, drama, cooking and indoor/outdoor activities.

Our Philosophy
Golden Ears Preschool offers an environment for children that is stimulating, loving, supportive and non-pressured, thus enabling a child to explore the world at his or her own pace through self-directed play.  The daily schedule also reflects the developmental needs for young children to have a balance of active/quiet play, large motor/fine motor, cognitive/social and structured/unstructured activities.

We believe that children learn through play and that play is essential for ever facet of a preschooler’s development.  Children learn through active involvement in play, using all their senses; through doing things to and with materials, through representing concepts in play, rehearsing roles and thus clarifying them.

Children test out, explore, discover, adapt, classify, organize and reorganize their experiences as they play.  Play calls for initiative, imagination and purposefulness.  It calls for motor skills and for social skills.  Beginnings of symbolic thinking occur in play.  Play with other children is considered essential for healthy personality development.   Through play, children learn important social skills such as making friends, sharing, turn taking and conflict resolution.  Play also serves as a catharsis for feelings and enables them to express themselves in a safe environment.  The values of play are increased by informal guidance and a wide variety of appropriate materials and equipment, as well as by a provision for space and uninterrupted time.

Our Teaching Staff
Our teaching staff consists of two fully qualified Early Childhood Educators, for each class of 20 students.  Staff members have valid first aid/CPR certificates and current criminal record checks.  Our staff members continue to upgrade their skills with ongoing professional development.