The Golden Ears Preschool Association is operated by a volunteer elected board of directors. The board of directors is made up of parents and friends of children attending Golden Ears Preschool. The volunteer board of directors administers the preschool based on the Community Care Facility Act – Child Care Regulations and the Provincial Societies Act as well as other municipal, provincial and federal regulations. The Early Childhood Educators and the bookkeeper, employees of the society, manage the day-to-day operations of the preschool. They also work closely with the volunteer board of directors to provide a quality preschool. The elected volunteer board of directors and the teachers meet regularly to present reports and conduct the business of the society. Once a year, all members are convened to an annual general meeting (AGM). At this meeting the past year’s operations are reviewed, the financial statements, which have been reviewed by an independent account firm, are presented and the election of new executive directors from the membership takes place. All members of the society are notified and encouraged to attend this very important meeting.