Our School

BlackboardPlay Based Learning Environment

We offer an environment for children that is stimulating, loving, supportive and non-pressured; thus enabling a child to explore the world at his or her own pace through self-directed play.

The daily schedule also reflects the developmental needs of young children to have a balance of active/quiet, large motor/fine motor, cognitive/social, and structured/unstructured activities.

Paint SetDaily Free Play and Clean Up

At this time the children may choose what they wish to do.  Possibilities may include painting, drawing, planned art activities, play-doh, exploring the science table, puzzles, manipulative toys, blocks, water or sand play, and looking at books.  Then we have clean up time which helps the children learn to “finish what’s begun” and “put away when done”.  Part of our daily activities include Large Motor Skill development.  Depending on the weather this will take place either inside or out.  Activities include climbing apparatus, slides, games, music, and movement.

Teacher Led Activities and Special EventsBooks

Each day the children will be engaged in teacher led activities which include songs, calendars, stories, poetry, finger plays, discussions, the flannel board, puppets, music, and movement, drama and show and tell.  Approximately, once a month we also will either go on a field trip or have a guest speaker visit the classroom.  In June, we host a family picnic.  Parents are required to accompany and supervise their child(ren) on field trips.

AppleSnack and Cooking

“We are a peanut/nut free zone”

Snack time is a relaxing time for children to learn healthy eating habits, self help skills, and to socialize with each other.  During the year we also have cooking activities.  They could include such things as soup, muffins, friendship salad, multicultural recipes or holiday cooking.


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